25 December 1959

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BBC Television

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08.30 George Mitchell Glee Club and Dennis Wilson Quartet
09.00 The Queen 
(sound only)
09.03 Dartington Christmas Festival
09.30-10.00 Gwyl y Geni 
(Wenvoe, Blaenplwyf, Llandrindod Wells, Holme Moss, Sutton Coldfield only)
11.00 Morning Service 
from St George's Parish Church, Stockport
11.45 Programme from the International Pestalozzi Children's Villages
12.15 Meet Mr Kringle 
Film comedy
13.00 News summary
13.15 Max Jaffa's Trio 
Alicia Markova and the Linden Singers
13.35 Days Before Christmas 
Canadian film
14.00 Boots and Saddles
14.25 While Angels Watch
15.00 Chipperfield's Circus Festival
16.00 Billy Cotton's Christmas Party
16.45 Barrie's A Kiss for Cinderella
18.15 News summary
18.20 Christmas Night 
with the Stars featuring The Jimmy Logan Show, Charlie Drake In..., Whack-O!
19.35 Songs of Many Lands 
with Harry Belafonte
20.20 FILM- High Noon
21.45 News summary
21.50 Bleak House
22.20 Make Way for Music
22.50 Epilogue 
followed by Weather Report
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