30 May 1959

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BBC Television

Source: TV & Radio Bits http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk/tellyyears (Radio Times North of England Edition 24-30 May 1959)

10.15-11.15 Stereophony 
(sound only)
13.00-13.25 Beunydd 
(Wenvoe, Blaenplwyf, Holme Moss, Sutton Coldfield only)
13.45 Summer Grandstand 
introduced by Alan Weeks, featuring Racing, Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Amateur Boxing
17.00 Children's Television- The Lone Ranger
17.25 The Wanderer 
The story of a child of our time
17.55 Today's Sport
18.00 News Summary
18.05 Wells Fargo 
starring Dale Robertson
18.30 Drumbeat 
with guest star Dickie Valentine
19.00 Charlesworth Stories 
from the casebook of Detective-Superintendent Charlesworth
19.30 Secombe at Large 
starring Harry Secombe, with David Nixon, Cliff Michelmore, Julie Andrews
20.30 News Summary
20.35 The Saturday Film- Alice Adams 
starring Katharine Hepburn
22.10 Amateur Boxing
22.40 The Inheritors 
A report by Aidan Crawley. West Africa part 2
23.20 News Summary 
followed by Weather and Closedown
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