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Stocko 21:46, 28 July 2007 (EDT)

The short-term plan (for my contributions) is as follows:

  • Setup the structure of the wiki, calendars, navigation, etc.
  • Add all available TV Listings from TV & Radio Bits (with the permission of the owner of the site)
  • Add all (BBC) TV listings for 1936-1939
  • Launch the Wiki publicise on forums and hopefully get linked from other sites

The long-term plan (for my contributions) will be:

  • Add (BBC) TV listings for 1949-1955
  • Add (BBC) TV listings for 1946-1949
  • Add 1st year of listings for ITV 1955-1956
  • Add 1st year of listings for BBC2 1964-1965
  • Add 1st year of listings for Channel4 1982-1983
  • Add 1st year of listings for Channel 5 (Five) 1997-1998

At the time of writing, I have completed the following:

  • Structure of the wiki is mostly in place. Additional guidelines and information to be added, and probably some tweaks to the Main Page. Still unsure of the permission plans for the Wiki, which will in part depend on which host I end up using.
  • Most of the TV Listings from TV & Radio Bits are in place. A few more recent ones to be added I think.
  • All 1938, and some 1937 listings added. Altogether I currently have access to listings from September 1937 to the end of broadcasting in September 1939. I may need to take a trip to London before I can get hold of 1936 listings.

It may be a few years before I complete or even attempt some of the long-term plans mentioned above. But I hope to have the pre-war listings in place and "launch" this wiki within the next month or so.

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